CSR, Diversity and Inclusion


MJ Hudson is dedicated to making positive changes in society. Our friendly, positive culture lends itself to an engaging approach to corporate social responsibility. We aim to support unique and worthy causes in a refreshing way, and are achieving this through the Hudson’s Heroes programme.

Through Hudson’s Heroes, we have raised funds for charities chosen by the team through a number of events and sponsored activities. The name Hudson’s Heroes was chosen in honour of the real heroes – the charities that we work with. These people take the money that we raise at MJ Hudson and use it to build a better standard of living for those around them, giving up their own time and energy for the betterment of other people.

The team at MJ Hudson believes that giving back to the community in this way not only benefits those we help, but strengthens the company’s friendly and engaging culture, allowing for better alignment with our client’s interests and healthier, happier team members.

Diversity and Inclusion

At MJ Hudson, we recognise that diversity makes for good business as it stimulates more ideas, opinions and perspectives. We are committed to the maintenance of a professional inclusive environment that recruits, retains, develops, remunerates, and promotes all of our people regardless of gender, race, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religion or beliefs or disability. In short, we embrace diversity as fundamental to the promotion of our company’s values and recognise that diversity and inclusion has an invaluable influence on MJ Hudson and all that we aspire to be.

We have a strategy in place that aims to help recruit, retain, coach and mentor women into senior management positions. We recognise that working to keep the best talent, which includes supporting women through the executive pipeline, is the best way that we can retain our market competitiveness. We are also working with universities on graduate recruitment to try to recruit more females to the alternative asset industry in the first place.

In line with this, we seek to support our female employees as much as possible by encouraging shared parental leave and offering company pay for maternity leave for up to 26 weeks and full pay for paternity leave for qualifying employees.

We actively encourage and support female employees back into work by offering phased return schemes for new mothers, as well as mentoring programmes for those who wish to participate. We also offer flexible working practices to staff, such as working from home and flexi-hours.